Who loves hot weiners?

So its been a long time.

After my father passed away at the end of last year, I figured out pretty quickly that 2013 wasn’t quite done with handing out the digs. Shortly after I returned back to the states from my fathers funeral, I was faced with the news that my job was about to be no longer.

To be honest, I went a little nuts and sent out about 65 applications within the space of 3-5 days. Some of which I knew I could do, but would just be a job…and others that I really had my heart set on, as I knew they would be that one step further – a job that I would be passionate about. A place where I could grow as  member of a team and truly contribute something to a company.

I had it narrowed down to three prospects and interviewed for all three. After hearing back from two of the companies with an offer (the third got back to me about 3 weeks ago – thanks for the sense of urgency on that one ;)) I decided to go with my heart and take a paycut for a position that felt right, rather than one that paid more.  I am now an assistant manager at a Pet Store – a FANTASTIC pet store, one that is still fairly new to the market and really speaks to me with its stand on pet food, animals and store teams. I can truly see myself with this company for a long time to come and there are plenty of opportunities for me to grow here.

After I accepted the job, I was sent off to Rhode Island for three weeks of training! I had never actually been to RI before and it was beautiful. I was lucky to be training/working in a fantastic store with managers and team members who were so supportive and helpful. I was also lucky enough to be paired with the store manager Tom, who introduced me to such delights as the Hot Weiner (weiner – hee). You have to take it all the way, or you’re just messing around. Seriously.

Two hot weiners all the way

Life has changed a lot around the Strewth house. Since my change of job, there has been less stress, less anger and a lot less anxiety. There have also been a lot of new treats and toys for some naughty boys and girls. Apparently working in a pet store with easy access to the wants of the fluffies + an employee discount = much less take home pay 😉

These two aren’t complaining..


So the moral of this story? Sometimes things really do happen for a reason.

  • Mama

    Glad to see you back on Strewth – love and miss you heaps xxxx

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