Wet flooring

A few weekends ago, I needed a screwdriver, so I went to our tool closet (which also houses our hot water heater) to grab one. As I opened the door I noticed a slight rusty water line running down the front of the water heater and thought it to be odd. I bent down to have a closer look and realized that our beautiful provider of delicious showers was dying a slooooow death and in the process, leaking all over our floor.

Now, luckily there were two things in our favour – First…the hot water heater was over 17 years old and needed to be replaced soon(ish) and secondly, the flooring it was bleeding all over was going to be replaced at the end of the year. So first things first, we worked on getting the hot water heater replaced. We called a few different places (it’s always smart to get more than one quote for any work) and ended up working with a vendor approved by Home Depot. It was quick, painless and MOST importantly – the estimate they quoted over the phone was exactly what they charged us at the end of the day.


Welcome to the family big buddy!

Wait! Where’s the flooring? Oh right. That all had to be torn up – risk of mold and all that. Did you know that most insurance companies will not cover the replacement of a hot water heater, but they will cover any damaged caused by a hot water heater?


Almost a weeks worth of these fat boys (there’s two more in the hallway that you can’t see) and we are still not quite dry yet. According to the company, it’s because of the layer of paint that exists on the sub flooring which is not letting the fans do their work properly. One day we might be able to stop yelling across the dinner table. But maybe not 😉

  • WHAT??!?

  • meesh

    they are here RIGHT NOW and they turned the fanz OFF! good sign i suspect. unless they are moving them or something. they are grunting a lot!

    • Leanne@Strewth-Tiger

      Thank dog! I am looking forward to speaking with you in an inside voice this evening 🙂

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