Happy Birthday to ME!

So, in honour of my 35th birthday today, I have decided to make a list of 35 things about me that may or may not be common knowledge…

  1. I have a bachelor of science degree in Environmental Science.
  2. I AM the snow fairy.
  3. I once met a tortoise who was over 200 years old. And a dung beetle. Both in the same day. The dung beetle was probably not over 200 years old.
  4. My best friend in the entire world lives about as far away from me as possible.
  5. I have a serious addiction to coffee.
  6. I once tried to fly (with my arms) upon the recommendation of my father who was in Uganda at the time. My mother had to call him back to get him to tell me it was not really possible.
  7. I moved into the Aspen St. house, purely because my room was painted blue…not because one of the tenants at the time made me cry
  8. My brother and I are commonly referred to as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, because neither of us will ever grow up
    The two peter pans
  9. When i was a much younger child, i tried to tell my father that I wanted to change my name to She-Rah. He could not understand why I would want to be called Shearer
  10. Hallmark ads make me cry
  11. I am on a never ending search for a truly scary horror movie
  12. As cliche as it sounds, I will always call Australia home
    Kings Park
  13. I used to own a large cat-dog and now I own a large dog-cat
  14. I really enjoy cleaning kitchens. Especially when there’s gross stuff in the fridge…it’s probably the scientist in me.
  15. My father once (jokingly?) suggested that some border guards in Zambia might be interested in buying me. They did not realize he was joking. Eeep!
  16. All i really need in life is my dog, a good book and a decent glass of wine
  17. I have a serious addiction to coffee.
    Mug Wall
  18. I occasionally need supervision when shopping…most often while at Target
  19. I love to laugh
  20. My favourite chips are salt n vinegar. Smiths if I have to get specific.
  21. I am proud to be a geek
  22. My favourite sound is puppies snoring (‘cept when its louder than the tv ;))
    Mug Wall
  23. I love dancing in the rain.
  24. I miss surprise lunches
  25. Even though I love watching horror movies, ghost shows on TV freak me out.
  26. I love our cats, but I love annoying them even more…
    Mug Wall
  27. I enjoy being crafty (both cunning & artful may apply ;-))
  28. I have been addicted to Stephen King (books and movie adaptations ever since I was 12)
  29. I have been known to play Mission Impossible throughout a library with my favourite partner in crime
  30. My favourite meal is fish n chips from the corner shop near my parents.
  31. I love playing games with my nerds
    Nerd powers!
  32. I have never broken a bone…chipped one and bruised some others, but never broken.
  33. Red Velvet cake. That’s where it’s at.
  34. I celebrated my 31st birthday by throwing a 21st party and everyone had to come dressed as they were 10 years before.
  35. I have a C-Class bird banding license and once went deep into a cave to catch, tag and release bats
    striated pardalote

Life is good xoxox


  • M2

    HBD to my AWESOME daughter (in-law)!!!!!

    • Leanne@Strewth-Tiger

      Thank you! Thank you! xoxox

  • Mama

    Loved this post – 35 and you’re still keeping us entertained – life is VERY good! xxx

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