Time for New Nightstands

We’re still a few months off from being able to rip up the nasty-ass carpet in the bedrooms for two reasons…one, I have a savings goal that I am working towards and two…I get the week and a bit off between Christmas and New Years and that is the perfect time to rip and lay.

In the meantime, there are still small things I would like to get done to pull the rooms together. The first on a long list is our nightstands…


They were originally couch side tables I believe – I even found a magazine compartment at the back of mine containing an old electronic pitch fork. Weird.

Anyhoo…I brought this bad boy outside, removed the drawer, door & all hardware and sanded the top until I got to bare wood. My original plan was to stain the top of the piece ebony and spray the sides in Lagoon. I roughed up the sides slightly and then taped off the top with a nice big garbage bag and went to town with the spray can.


Several light coats are always better than thick drippy coats. I think all in all, I did three light coats – just used up one entire can of spray and it looked fabulous.


This was after one coat of stain. See how pretty it looks? It went downhill after that. Sadly, I sprayed the entire piece with Rustoleum’s Crystal Clear Matte Finish. Going on, it looked fabulous. After it dried, there were big blisters on the Minwax stained top only. Ugh. I tried stripping it back so that I could re-stain but I was getting nowhere fast.

So..onto backup plan #1 (Courtesy of Robot Brian who would prefer that I don’t rip out all my hair) – paint the top with black paint that I had left over from our Dining Table project. Three light coats of paint on the top and we were done! In actual fact, I loved the painted top more than the stained top, so it was one of those fortuitous mistakes that happen oh-so-often in DIY.


Count Sterling is already convinced that this piece is for him. Dork…but he could be right.


Not the best picture, and for that I apologize, but it was late and my hands were about to detach from my arms and go and live elsewhere. I still need to find new hardware for the drawer…and I have one more complete table to do for Robot Brian. Perhaps this weekend?

  • Mum

    Love the colour – they are going to look great and really give the room a pop – have you thought of getting a piece of perspex or glass cut to protect the top – it may help with glass/mug rings or scratches and probably wouldn’t cost a lot!

    • Leanne@Strewth-Tiger

      Thanks mama! A glass top or a piece of plexi-glass (as the yanks call it ;-)) is a brilliant idea. I must have a hunt around to see if there is somewhere local I can buy some.

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