• -B-

    Poor Digby. That ball is his LIFE

    • Leanne@Strewth-Tiger

      This is a true story.


    i am going to have so much fun with the dog! i love that thing!

    • Leanne@Strewth-Tiger

      Just don’t steal his ball….he’s already down two.

      Boom boom.

  • Nana Margie

    Great photos – Lady Georgia is becoming quite a star and that one of Sterl and our favourite man is great – I don’t know what’s best about Sterl – his eyes or his toes spread out! Poor Digby – don’t tell me I’ll spend my holidays with you searching for both Sterl’s mouse and his ball! What a menagerie! xxxx

    • Leanne@Strewth-Tiger

      Don’t forget Georgia’s Wubby. You have to make sure its safe at all times. Oh and if you could find a bug for her to chase, she would greatly appreciate it.

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