Cat wall fin.

Remember this? It’s been a while, but we decided it was finally time to finish up the cat wall by adding the climbing shelves to the far end of the cat walk.


While we were at Ikea (searching for something COMPLETELY different mind you) we came across these square Lack shelves that were perfect for the space and just the right price – $6.99 each and we ended up grabbing three.


Once the first shelf was up, Count Sterling decided to grace us with his presence and we popped him up there to see what he would do. He ended up staying there for the rest of the install to monitor the work (and the birds he could see outside the window)


Paw in, tongue out, that’s the way we like to watch.


Cat wall fin. Also included is plant of doom which is currently working on taking over the entire bookcase.

  • Mama

    Oh – that’s great, rather different to what I pictured but I’m sure the cats love it! I can’t believe that plant, it must be the perfect place for it!

    • Leanne@Strewth-Tiger

      That plant is RIDICULOUS. I feel like it is annoyed about how little I water it, so it’s growing towards the closest tap. My fatcat plant is currently on vacation in the kitchen after it started drooping in the den. I’m hopeful that if i can get it to start acting crazy like this one, it will learn to love the den (OR ELSE).

  • Skizzle

    Are the climbing shelves premade or did you make them yourselves?

    • Mac

      Yo. The climbing walls were small floating shelves we picked up at Ikea. As Lady Georgia only weighs as much as a mini flea, we only had to compensate wall anchors for The Counts bulk. He will not disclose his current weigh-in.

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