Purrkour wall

The B and I have been talking about making some sort of minimalist-ish cat climbing wall for a while now. We didn’t want to have something that would take over the entire house and announce to any visitors


That would be STUPID.

So we came up with a plan that would utilize our existing furniture with the addition of a few pieces. Something more along these lines..

So. Materials…i had broken down some shelving at work the week before and saved one of the side walls. We also had an old rug rolled up under one of the beds that we were no longer using, that was perfect for the job.

Place and hold…juuuuust right. We grabbed the staple gun and hit the center of all four sides.

The corners were a little tricky, but we just pulled and added more staples. It was like a fever, but instead of more cowbell we just added more staples. There can never be enough staples…am i right?

Cat wall! Fancy. We hit up lowes and picked up a package of these bad boys, which were designed to hold up to 265lbs (which is just a little more than Sterling weighs) and the screws were 2.25″long, which was plenty of length to go through the cat wall and the dry wall.

(fast forward a few days of us teasing the cats by placing their food on top of the shelving unit)

BAM! Please ignore the fuzziness…contrary to popular belief it is actually quite difficult to capture a cat in motion.

Luckily our cats didn’t take too long to figure it out, even though Lady Georgia spent most of the first night jumping from the ground to a certain shelf over and over again in the hopes that something would change.

We still have more plans to add some shelves to the other side of the wall unit to give them some space around the window, and act as an easier way to access the top. But we figured we’d start with the hard stuff 😉

At least we haven’t had this happen…


  • Awesome!

  • Best post evar!

  • Mum

    Just working out how to reinforce the walls so we can do that for Henry! That looks great, I can only imagine what fun the cats must be having – and it gives Sterling one more place to leave his mouse!

    • Mac

      Hee! These kitties are nuts! Lady Georgia has decided that this wall is the best thing ever and she is now spending a LOT of time sleeping on the cushion at the top of the wall unit.

      Coming up next week in the Strewth house….Sterling has a new harness and leash!

  • Coming up next week in the Strewth house….Sterling has a new harness and leash!

    • Mac

      How did you know? It’s like you are a mouse in our house…

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