fauxdenza fin!

We finally managed to hang this last night. My bad…i kept forgetting to borrow the hacksaw from work that we needed to cut down the metal bracket to the correct length. We had a few moments of “oh crap” when we realized that we needed to add more screws to anchor the bracket to the drywall, but it all turned out a-ok in the end.

The elephant plant was another piece we picked up at Ikea the same day we went out to get the cabinets. He’s a cute little guy and he fits nicely on top. The only thing thats left to do here now is to either find a finished piece of wood that can run the length of the top or make some sort of fabric runner. The jury is still out on this decision.

But what is that on the left hand side?

Ahh yes. The playmobil nativity scene.

Welcome to my four year old world.

  • Linda Marr

    Love it!!! Great idea.

  • Mum

    That looks fantastic and I agree with Linda – great idea! Well done you two!

  • Sam

    Hi – looks lovely. Which Ikea cabinets are these?

    • Mac

      Thanks! These are the Akurum cabinets, with white frame and abstrakt high-gloss white fronts.

      Super easy to put together and hang!

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